Tiago Tresoldi

Linguist, post-doc, etc.

Yo Welcome to my home page, where I store my publications, information on my projects, CV, as well as occasional posts on my current research and geek stuff.

My main reserach interest is the human language, from its aesthetic uses to computational methods of investigation of its history. I have a Ph.D. in “Language/History of Literature” and I have worked with Ancient and Medieval literature, with Natural Language Processing, and with Bayesian phylogenetic approaches to ecdotics. I am an experienced Python developer and have worked both as an Information Security Officer and as a Data Analyst, dealing with machine learning and (a lot of) data cleansing. A friend described my academic path as “curious”.

I am currently a Post-Doc/Programmer in the Computer-Assisted Language Comparison (CALC) group at the Max-Planck-Institut für Menschheitsgeschichte (MPI-SHH), lead by Dr. Johann-Mattis List. This ERC-funded research project establishes a computer-assisted framework for historical linguistics. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach that adapts methods from computer science and bioinformatics for the use in historical linguistics. While purely computational approaches are common today, the project focuses on the communication between classical and computational linguists, developing interfaces that allow historical linguists to produce their data in machine readable formats while at the same time presenting the results of computational analyses in a transparent and human-readable way.

My current focus are lexical databases (particularly on colexificatons), usage and modelling of sound changes for support of phylogenetic inference (including new methods with evolutionary algorithms), and the Tukanoan language family.

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