Welcome to my home page. Here you can find my CV, my publications and information on my projects, as well as occasional posts on my current research and geek stuff.

I am interested in human language and culture in all its aspects, from its history and aesthetic uses to computational and quantitative methods of investigation: I have a Ph.D. in “Language/History of Literature” and I have worked with Ancient and Medieval literature, with Natural Language Processing, and with Bayesian phylogenetic approaches to ecdotics. I am an experienced Python developer and have worked both as an Information Security Officer and as a Data Analyst, dealing with machine learning and (a lot of) data cleansing. Yes, my academic path is unusual (someone described it as “curious”, which I loved).

More information on GitHub, Academia.edu and Twitter. My Lattes CV (a platform used in Brazil) is here. Feel free to email me at tresoldi@gmail.com.


I have a separate page for my list of publications (as I’m optimistic that it will eventually get very long!).

Some projects

Some old contributions of mine can occasionaly be found in other open source projects, such as NLTK, Moses and the “Hermes Computational Linguistics Project” at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG, Brazil).