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Welcome to my page, where I store my publications, information about my projects, my CV, and infrequent blogposts about my research and my geek stuff.

My main line of research is human language, from its aesthetic uses to computational methods to investigate its history. I am a Ph.D. in “Literature / History of Literature” and I have already developed research in several areas, from ancient and medieval literature to Bayesian phylogenetic approaches. A friend once described my academic path as “curious”.

I am a researcher at the Department of Linguistics and Philology of the Uppsala University, developing methods for analyzing culturally transmitted text traditions in a project involving sources as different as Early Christian aphorisms, Zoroastrian oral liturgies, and runic calendar staves from Scandinavia.

My focus is currently the development of methods that facilitate the use of phonological information in linguistic phylogenetics, from sound correspondences to inferences of sound changes. It is a specialization of different experiences with phylogenetics, including new alignment methods and computational approaches alternative to the more usual Markov Chain Monte Carlo. In less theoretical research, I have worked on the phonological evolution of families like Sinítica, on the phylogeny of the Tupian family, and on the application of evolutionary methods to the study of the tradition of Divine Comedy.

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