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Blog updates

30 December 2020
My main goal for this website and blog is to have something easy to update and to browse, as discussed in the previous post on “less is more. Two important things were still missing for a “proper” site/blog: some kind of analytics, so that I can know at least approximately...

Less is more

21 December 2020
I spent a considerable part of my doctorate researching minimalism in the arts, with certain restrictions on der Rohe’s proposals. But this post is not about the contrast between modernist action, neoclassical marble and the purpose of the ruins: it is about my new page and this blog. 330 North...

Writing a simple module for fuzzy testing in Python

20 December 2020
This is a post that was drafted for a different blog, where it was never published. I decided to give it an ephemeral life here. :wink: Fuzzying, or “fuzzy testing”, is a technique for testing software that involves running a program on a potentially infinite series of arbitrary inputs. In...

First post

19 December 2020
Few things are more common than blogs that start with a “first post”. There is no need to escape the rule, and so here is my place-holder - this time, using a static system, configured to be minimalist in the hope that less formatting options will lead to more writing....