Tools I Use

How This Site is Built

There are many, too many static site generators on the web, and many of them are really good. This site is generated with what is probably the most possible simple solution after direct HTML coding: all posts and pages begin as a simple, plain text file, written in Pandoc’s extended version of Markdown (you can see the source for this page here, or the source for the main page here). A minimal Python script runs Pandoc on each source file, but this could easily be done manually. There is no real HTML template, only two different snippets that used in all pages (a header and a footer) and two CSS files – that is all. The directory that holds the entire site is synchronized with GitHub, where the site is hosted.

Pandoc is robust and simple enough for my purposes, and the system I am using is almost a clone of the one by W. Caleb McDaniel. The site is also styled after McDaniel’s one (with some ideas from Matt Might, using a customized version of Bootstrap for the responsive layout, and Glyphicons for the social media icons. Parts of the CSS is copied & pasted from the Better Motherfucking Website by Drew McConville, and the color pallette is inspired by work of Simon Pascal Klein and Ethan Schoonover.